• Wireless / Broadband Problems

  • wireless problems

    Having a problem with your wireless? Has it been working and now it’s slow and drops out? This is a common issue and can be simple to fix. Sometimes it's just a few tweaks that are needs to the existing setup.

    It could be a device nearby that is using the same frequency as your wireless or a neighbour that's recently changed their setup which now effects yours. We can visit your home and analyse the channels in use to see what is causing the problem and advise on the best approach.

    Service Provider Slow?

    Maybe it's your Internet Service Provider (ISP) causing an issue or it could be your internal setup. We can do a simple check-up to see if anything is wrong with your line before having to commit to paying BT a hefty sum of money!
    We can consider dropouts, total loss of connections and slow speeds.