• VoIP – Voice over IP

  • VoIP is known as a few things. "Voice over IP", "IP Telephony", "Internet Telephony" or "Internet Calling". Whatever you call it, in a nutshell it's where you can make calls to phones around the world for much less than a standard landline. A lot of people and businesses are turning to VoIP because of it's huge cost saving benefits.
    Below is a couple of way that it can help your home and business.

  • VoIP for the Home

    VoIP Home
    • Can make free VoIP to VoIP calls
    • If you live in an area with fibre, you can save on the line rental with BT
    • It's free to use, only pay for the calls you make
    • Calls to landlines are considerably cheaper
    • Calls to mobiles are considerably cheaper
    • Worldwide calls are considerably cheaper
    • Get voicemail via e-mail
  • VoIP for Business

    VoIP Business
    • As above but VoIP can also,
    • Allow multiple lines in & out at once with no extra cost
    • Automatically direct calls to someone else or a mobile
    • Pick up your calls from anywhere in the world
    • Use extensions for internal calls
    • Easily create & update an IVR (menu system) for callers
    • Very low cost even to setup with.
  • As you can see, it allows for a lot of benefits for both the home and the office. It really is a low-cost option and it's something we use at Aaron Beadle Computer Services and in my own home, we can show you a live demo if you wish.

    Contact us and discuss your needs - it really is a versatile product and truly low cost!