• Smart Living and CCTV Installs

  • It's not just computers we deal with here. Now with items like your fridge, car and kettle (seriously!) all using the internet, it's become a complex connected world. But it doesn't need to be! We can unravel the complexities so you can just get on and reap the benefits of a connected world. Below is just a sample of what we can do but in a nutshell, if it connects to the internet, we can deal with it!

  • Smart Lights

    Where you can control your home lighting with an app! This is great for when you are away and want to put the lights on, really making it look like someone is at home, even when you are not! We can help you discuss what you need and install these lights.

  • CCTV

    CCTV is become far more commonplace now with many homes as well as businesses turning to it for protection. We can offer a full package that can suit your needs from cameras that use the internet to upload to DVR local boxes to store on site. 

  • Smart Thermostats

    Just like the lights above, you can control your heating and water away from your home. This can be great if you are running late from work one day but want the house to be nice and warm when you get home. Simply use the app and turn it on. We can again, discuss your requirements and supply the right unit.

  • Alarms

    Alarms are good for protecting your house, garage or shed. They are all different from pet friendly ones to full smart alarms that work via a phone app. Once again this is something we can help with as we can discuss your requirements, what you want to protect and the best way forward. We can then supply and fit.