• Newly Built Computers

  • New Build PC

    Time to replace that old machine? Or just need one for a specific purpose? Well why go to a large store and pay over the odds when all you end up doing is either spending more or sacrificing the spec of the machine.

    We can build you exactly what you need, you just tell us what you will be using it for and we will work out the rest and for a lot less that you'd pay in store!

    We can build anything you need, just tell us and we will arrange it for you:

    • Gaming Machines - for the latest games.
    • Virtual Reality PC's - to play VR games / content on.
    • Internet & Admin PC's - your everyday light user.
    • Media PC's - to host your DVD collections on.
    • Student PC's - for those essays.
    • Office PC's - for the home office.

    If you buy a new machine from us, the data from your old machine is transferred to the new one as part of the service.