• Computer repairs / upgrades in your home

      Providing I.T. services which deals with repairs / upgrades at your home

    • Wireless at home slowing you down? Dead spots in that key area you want to work? Sometimes the answer is simple. Click to find out more.

    • Tired of waiting for your computer to catch up? There are ways to solve this and it doesn't always need something new! Click to find out more.

    • We can help find any fault and fix it for you. Or maybe you just want to up the speed of your computer. Click to find out more.

    • That's a very good question and in this day, who do you trust. Well I am a "one-man band" so my reputation means everything to me. If I don’t do my best, you won’ t come back or recommend me. As I mainly deal with local businesses and the people within the community I work, word doesn’t take long to spread.

      Therefore, I will always give you 100% and won’t rest until the job is done. I will give you my honest opinion derived from my 15+ years of experience.
      I have worked for large companies in London as well as in the public sector.

      For more information about me, click here.

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